Jobberman Gears Up To Help SMEs In Hiring Quality Employees

The campaign is aimed at meeting the recruitment needs of MSMEs and SMEs by connecting them to a vast pool of qualified candidates via its platform. Helping prioritise the best-qualified candidates using algorithms and filtering tools and even providing assessment tests so that the very best rise to the top of the list. By partnering with growing businesses, Jobberman plans to introduce them to the right way of recruitment which is reliable, efficient, affordable and easy to use.


For MSMEs and SMEs, sourcing the right talent while keeping its recruitment costs low is a major business challenge.  Leaders of these businesses often struggle to get access to quality candidates. Although there is a good volume of quality candidates available, the ability to filter and sort through them using online platforms can be cumbersome, and the good solutions are expensive.

This is why most companies, especially SMEs struggle and are disillusioned with the online recruitment process, choosing to rely on informal networking and nepotism.

Speaking on the campaign, CEO Jobberman Nigeria, Ms Rolake Rosiji stated “MSMEs and SMEs are major contributors to the country’s economic growth. Therefore it is important that they have the right teams that will help increase their productivity. Relying on social media and personal recommendations is not the best solution to their recruitment challenge. This can result in a large number of unqualified candidates applying for the job.  Jobberman’s technology services enable SMEs to have access to a large range of candidates, filter them according to chosen criteria and identify the very best through assessment tests”




Jobberman’s mantra is to connect the right people to the right jobs and with over 60,000 employer partners on the platform in over a decade, Jobberman has proven to have the necessary tools to facilitate small business recruitment in a big way by providing services that have been proven to be reliable, efficient, affordable and easy to use. Executives and HR Managers should not have to sift through 100s of CVs or sit through interviews with unqualified candidates. Jobberman has the technology and an in-house team to help do this hard work.

Over the next eight weeks, Jobberman is looking to partner with 2500 SMEs and governing bodies to assist with their recruitment needs at an affordable rate.

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About Jobberman

Founded in 2009, Jobberman is an online platform that provides training and placement for jobseekers, as well as the best selection of candidates for companies hiring. It is the single largest job placement website in sub-Saharan Africa and has the vision to become the leading source of talent in every market it operates in by simplifying job searching and talent acquisition; matching the right set of skills with employers needs. For more information about the online placement platform visit www.


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